Working With eLearning







We have specialised in the education sector since 2005 and have worked extensively with universities, colleges and online education publishers.

Our studios provide a production hub where we can create and produce all of our presented and dramatised content in a superb technical environment. The whole creative team, from scripting to shooting, live mixing and editing, all work under the one roof which ensures the best possible communication at every stage of production.

We Provide:

  • Educational Research
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Set Design and Build
  • Multi-Camera Studio Shoots
  • Live Mixing and Streaming
  • Offline / Online Editing
  • Animation
  • Branding and Graphics 

Our Education Expertise

Some clients come to us with a very proscriptive brief where every element of the project, from branding to content, is pre-determined.

Just as often, we can be given the broad scope of a learning curriculum where we will source our own expert educational consultant(s) to work with and together we then devise and script an entire series of content.

Where travel and attendance is difficult, especially for international clients, we can enable clients to watch and feedback remotely in real time.

Our Set Building

We design and build sets in our studios, often more than one at the same time, and we source and place all of the props as required.

Our Green Screen

As studio operators we are naturally very experienced in green screen filming which enables a virtual background or alternative background and can include integrated graphics, animation and branding.

Case Studies

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Pearson Education – Now I Know

 Macmillan Education – Big Wheel 

 Insight Network – Helix Webinars