Working For The Green Economy







Our Approach

Since starting our business we have put the environment at the centre of our work practices and have supported a number of environmental charities with pro bono work. Our approach demonstrates our commitment to supporting a sustainable future, and a nuanced understanding and enthusiasm for the developing green economy.

Our mission is to continue developing our understanding of biodiversity, new technologies and alternative energy sources, and to apply our learning to the increasing amount of green and CSR projects that are entrusted to us.


Tusk Trust Charity Film

Our Capability

Film shoots for environmental content often entails shooting in extreme locations around the world, from inside the Arctic Circle to the plains of North America or the jungles of sub-Saharan Africa. This requires expert detailed preparation as well as considerable stamina on the shoot itself. Our work in this arena usually involves high-end cinematography with potential underwater filming, drone work and aerial photography.

Our interest in the green economy even stretches across the business to our sister company, Toa Television, where we have produced programmes about emerging environmental technologies for CNBC. Indeed, given the educational and inspirational nature of the content it often lends itself well to longer-form scripted storytelling.


Case Studies

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