Wes Rashid

Brand | Sport | Fashion

Wes is an independent Director with a powerful vision who likes to be involved in every stage of a project from start to finish.

Before becoming a Director, Wes worked as an AD for almost 10 years on feature films, television dramas and football commercials. Since making the move to a director, Wes has worked with a variety of clients, including BMW, Volkswagen, Heineken, XFM, FIFA, Instagram, Manchester United, Birds Eye and Brother.

Over the years, Wes has perfected the craft of narrative storytelling – which is a strong feature of his filmmaking. He is driven by a need to challenge the status quo and to create films with a strong sense of passion and powerful visuals. His ambition is to always create films that show something more than just a story, something with an underlying message, taking the audience on a visual journey.



T20 Natwest
Blast XFM


Lover, Another




Manchester United Card


Slug  & Lettuce
Christmas Video


Huawei P20 Pro