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No matter what stage of the production process you’re at, we can help bring your vision to life.

Whether your concept is fully-developed and you need production and post-production services or you just have an initial idea and are looking for creative direction, our team of VFX-specialists can help.

As a studio-facility and post-production house, we are uniquely set-up to test, develop and create stunning VFX from asset creation right through to final comp.

Our Pre-Production Capability

We leave no stone unturned to provide detailed storyboarding, modelling and previsualisation to interpret and conceptualise our clients vision .

On-Set Production

Our knowledgeable crews come with a range of skills which include VFX supervision, lighting, rigging, live compositing and camera tracking. VFX shoots have the potential to be highly complex in nature.

There are many moving parts, and we take pride in communicating the process effectively with our clients, ensuring that we interpret and share their artistic vision and deliver on the required technical quality.


Working inhouse and often during the production process itself, our skills include 2D & 3D visual effects, including projection mapping, tracking, rotoscoping, modelling, texturing, animation, and compositing.

Case Studies


Plants vs Zombies


Virgin Media

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