Simon Gargette

Luxury | Automotive | Brands | FMCG

A potent visual energy. A meticulous attention to detail. A fascination for the ever-evolving digital landscape. An unshakeable faith in the power of ideas. All these qualities and more coalesce in Simon Gargette – a filmmaker of boundless creativity and unfailing originality.

Simon began as a copywriter before moving quickly into photography, shooting ads for Ford, Guinness and others. This experience means that to this day, he acts as DOP on many of his shoots.

That first gig turned out to be his big break, winning him awards and high-profile assignments for luxury brands including Lamborghini, Porsche and Roberto Cavalli, and household names such as Halifax, KFC, Argos and Kellogg’s.

Simon’s directorial experience is wide-ranging and comprehensive – from car commercials to kids’ ads, from 3D graphics to choreography. But whether it’s a TVC or digital campaign, the constant of Simon’s work remains the same: brilliant ideas beautifully brought to life.



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Paris Motor Show


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