West Kent Housing Association – West Kent Lifeways


West Kent is a provider of affordable homes, with the aim of creating flourishing communities around the homes it provides. One aspect of its work is to help the vulnerable and the disadvantaged find housing, and this film was intended to showcase that work in particular, while at the same time challenging social prejudice amongst landlords through the featured stories.

Working closely with the client, we identified Paul and Rob as the ideal subjects for this film. Both had troubled backgrounds, and both had great stories to tell about how they had changed their lives for the better, partly through the support provided to them by West Kent. Around these subjects, our crew created a film with the feel of a mini-documentary, with those stories being allowed to take centre-stage and the ‘corporate message’ becoming more implicit and less overbearing.

Since the film’s launch, the uptake of new Lifeways landlords has doubled. The feedback from the client was that the film delivers more in six minutes than any previous West Kent letter, webpage or leaflet.

At the 2013 IVCA Awards, the film won Silver in the Best Documentary category. It was also Highly Commended in the Best Director category.