Skittles – Build the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow


Skittles had an upside-down rainbow. It needed filling. The only way this was going to happen was if 100,000 Facebook fans pledged the Skittles needed to fill it. The only way 100,000 Facebook fans were going to pledge the Skittles needed to fill it was to stream the whole event live over 48 fun-packed hours. This video wraps that convocation of confectionary into just a minute-and-a-half of mayhem.

With our studio facilities and top drawer team of directors, producers and camera operators, Fortemus was as perfectly equipped to nail this job as Robocop is to nail bad guys. And nail it we did. The set was built the day before the live stream began, and a huge amount of preproduction planning went into ensuring that everything would go off without a hitch, whilst delivering oodles of memorable moments for watching Skittles fans.

Live-streaming over 48 uninterrupted hours, Build the Rainbow attracted 13,888 hours of total viewing, with an average viewing time of over 7 minutes. There were over 110,000 visitors to the Facebook-housed microsite, 24,000 organic ‘likes’ for the campaign’s image gallery, and more than 17,000 new Facebook fans were gained.

We got some fantastic feedback from Team Skittles: “100,000 thank yous to everyone at Fortemus. We couldn’t have asked for a more capable team of rainbow-builders, who helped to deliver one of our most successful online campaigns to date.”

And the project also won Silver in the Best Brand Event category at the 2014 IVCA Awards.