RSPCA Reptiles

Charity / Non-Profit Film Example
Title: RSPCA Reptiles

Sector: Charity Video

Delivery: 5 online Films

Talent: Production, Creative, Filming, Post Production

What was the brief?

Exotic pets have increased in popularity in recent years and consequentially the number of related incidents dealt with by the Society has also risen.

The RSPCA approached us back in 2015 looking to create a series of charity films that were aimed at reptile owners, offering care advice in a bid to reduce the number of animals being abandoned, handed in to shelters and becoming subject to neglect.

How did we approach the brief?

While the brief originally called for an animation, we soon realised along with the team at RSPCA that in order to fully demonstrate the care tips we needed to do so through live-action filming.

Our team worked quickly to re-structure the project and turned it from voiceover-led animation to presenter-led demonstration and how to.

The series was split by reptile and each episode offered tailored information about environment maintenance and animal care.


We created five films in total, each of which was released on Youtube and together generated over 128,000 views.

Indeed, three of the films are listed among the most popular videos on the charity’s channel.


Account Manager – Dulcie Norris

Producer – Laura Merrett

Scriptwriter – Danielle Wilmot

DOP – Peter Ford