PriestmanGoode – United Airlines – United Polaris


When PriestmanGoode, the innovative London design agency, asked for our help to manage and shoot some green screen footage for them, we jumped at the chance. The project was their latest animation for the launch of United Polaris, a rather nice new business class experience for United Airlines.

We worked alongside the visualisation team at PriestmanGoode to help recreate the 3D aircraft cabin interior using the magic of green screen. We filmed in 6k for maximum resolution and sharpness retention; pulled out all the stops to recreate aeroplane interior lighting conditions and assisted PriestmanGoode in directing the actors to bring the comfort and luxury of the new United Polaris experience to life. Then we got to work keying the green screen footage and matching it up with the animation using chroma key and luma key.

PriestmanGoode was extremely happy with the results of our collaboration. The animation was first shown at the global launch of United Polaris in New York City where it was well received and has since shown up on some of the world’s most high profile media outlets including CNN, Mashable and the Huffington Post.