Ossie Newell Foundation – Stroke Research


Ossie Newell Foundation came to us through a recommendation from the University of Nottingham, looking to create a film that would not only showcase the important work they do but also attract bright new PhD students to undertake stroke research for the ONF.

The fund-raising from this campaign is targeted to sponsor one Newell scholar a year for a PhD post researching into the effects and treatment of strokes on people and carers.

Ossie had an incredibly inspiring story – having suffered a stroke himself in 1999, he now works at the University of Nottingham’s Stroke Rehabilitation Centre driving improvements in stroke services in the East Midlands and nationally.

To really emphasise the importance of this work, the creative intended to strike the viewer from visceral, emotional and rational perspectives; so we began the film by contrasting a personal, physical experience with a description of what is happening medically and then we discover that these two experiences are the same – that of having a stroke.

The project has been distinguished by some excellent and really gratifying feedback from our clients at Nottingham and Ossie himself;

“This is just a note on behalf of the team at ONF to say thank you so much for producing a superb video for us, it ticks all the boxes which will represent the style, personality and sincerity of the Foundation for the future.
“I have been impressed by the quality of the attention given to the team and our needs from the beginning to the end of the process. In addition every milestone has been met or exceeded, which too is impressive in this day and age.
“Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to everyone involved in your organisation, particularly the crew who carried out the filming, we all thought it was fun and a pleasure to work with them on the first day and this quality was carried through during each phase of work that went into producing this film.
“An excellent job and piece of work, a credit to you all, well done and thank you again.”

And our primary contact at Nottingham, Helen Taylor, was also very kind in her feedback:

“The film looks fabulous. Thank you so much for actioning all the final tweaks. Would you also thank the whole editing team at Fortemus. All the ONF team are happy with this last cut and we’re ready to go.”