Why this Wine?
Title: Why this wine?

Delivery: Video series

Talent: Strategy, creative, pre-production, production, casting, set-builds, art department, direction, post-production

What was the brief?

Oddbins approached us at the start of the year to create a full 2017 video content plan that would boost brand awareness and allow its unique personality to shine through.

It needed content that could be released throughout the year, boosting their brand awareness and engaging both new and existing audiences.

How did we approach the brief?

Our approach was to create two series of content – one that was a rather unusual series of How To films. The other, ‘Why this wine?’, brought a fresh twist to the classic chat show format we’ve all become accustomed to.

The idea was to bring Oddbins members of staff into a studio environment to talk about a wine that they would recommend to its customers.

Our presenter, Jamie Darling, would then question the staff member about their choice, garnering some insightful and some less insight information for viewers to take away.


The first two ‘Why this Wine?’ episodes released so far have received a positive response and a few quizzical looks and the next few episodes will be released over the coming months.

In addition to providing the films, we worked with Oddbins on its video marketing strategy; ensuring videos were posted at the right time to reach their target audience. We also helped with video optimisation and uploading to YouTube with the correct titles and tags.


Account Manager: Andy Halle
Producer: Laura Merret, Kate Bromley
Creative: Danielle Wilmot
Director/Editor: Ryan Goodge
Camera Op: Chris Karageorgiou
DOP: Alex Kerr
Camera Assist: Rory Tilford