Oddbins – 12 Chimps of Christmas


Ah, Christmas! The time of year when all the big retailers package shameless self-promotion as love, care and family values before offering it up in the form of a heartwarming 3-minute ad.

But once again, Oddbins opted not to pluck at the heartstrings this Christmas, having decided that they were far more interested in the side splitting game.

With this in mind, Oddbins approached us wanting a film that would raise brand awareness using its Christmas mascots – 12 Chimpanzees. Each one named after one of Oddbins’ key traits (as identified by its customers); Smart, Notorious, Curious, Sassy, Snazzy, Crafty, Loveable, Outspoken, Passionate, Thoughtful, Hilarious, and Crazy.

With the characters in place, we were then essentially told to go bananas with it.

Given Oddbins’ tendency to loosen the screws on its brand identity, on top of the rather chaotic nature of chimpanzees in general, we found that we had scope to do pretty much whatever we wanted.

Using a single actor in a monkey costume, the result saw 12 chimpanzees break into an Oddbins chain before attempting to decorate it for the holiday season. Failing that, they decide that the best solution is to throw their soft bread stool in the unsuspecting store manager’s face.

Thanks to a single, grueling overnight shoot, a heavily sleep deprived crew, Amazon’s wealth of animal-based costumes and a suspicious-looking chocolate brownie, we were able to bring this bonkers narrative to life – showcasing Oddbins’ antithetical nature towards the holidays and putting up 2 hairy-knuckled fingers to traditional Christmas ads everywhere.

On top of this, we also threw in a few social media edits for each on of the cheeky chimps as well as handling Oddbins’ YouTube optimisation, uploads and video interactivity.