Marie Curie – The Great Daffodil Appeal


Every March, millions of people across the UK show their support for Marie Curie Cancer Care by donating to its Great Daffodil Appeal. The most important ingredient of the Appeal’s continuing growth and success has been making sure there are more and more collectors out there each year, collecting on Marie Curie’s behalf.

However Marie Curie has found in the past that people will sign up to collect only to then drop out, owing to them feeling underprepared or nervous about carrying out a street collection, and it wanted some new videos to help address this issue. The charity therefore entrusted Fortemus Films to fashion an innovative solution.

Our solution took the form of a video series that dispensed confidence-boosting advice and support to prospective collectors. The series came in two parts, with a longer standalone video which saw experienced collectors visiting new sign-ups and five quick-fire episodes offering simple collection tips.

The everyday scenarios we created emphasised the warm personal connections between the first-time collectors and their more experienced colleagues. This approach allowed the series to provide practical and emotional support simultaneously – a highly original approach for this type of informational video series.

The five-part Great Daffodil Appeal tips series won in the ‘Innovation’ category at the 2014 EVCOM Clarion Awards.

Here is a quote from Gemma Abrahams, Communications Manager at Marie Curie:

“People worked really hard on these videos, and it’s great to have that recognised. We produced them because research from our 2013 appeal showed that collectors did not feel fully prepared before going out.”

“We made five different films to support collectors. All parts were played by Marie Curie colleagues and volunteers. Fortemus were great and worked really closely with our creative team to deliver work we are really proud of.”