Macmillan Cancer Support – Do you care?


Almost one million people in England care for someone with cancer, and nearly half of them suffer as a result – from financial pressures, and also from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression. Macmillan was launching a campaign calling on the government to use the opportunity presented by the Care Bill to ensure these carers get the support they need, and it asked Fortemus to produce a new film to spearhead that campaign.

In our second video, as part of our production process for the ‘Do You Care?’ campaign film on behalf of Macmillan, our team also recorded a fresh case study video with one of the carers featured in that film, Joe DeSouza.

There are nearly 1million cancer carers in the UK, and many face financial and emotional challenges for which they often receive little in the way of support. This film was all about highlighting those challenges in a very empathetic way.

Our concept was based around the idea of invisible carers – offering a visually striking way of expressing how carers can often feel overlooked.

To give the film a natural, authentic feel, we filmed with three real-life couples affected by cancer. Shooting on location meant that the effects shots needed to be created using chroma key suit and portable green screen.

Joe’s Story sees Joe telling his story in his own words, creating a very personal, very heartfelt account, which also touches on many of the key issues affecting cancer carers.

‘Do You Care? won the 2014 IVCA Laurus Award for a charity film made for under £15,000. It also won in the ‘Strategic Communications’ category at the 2014 EVCOM Clarion Awards.

Here is a quote from Antony Rathbone – Marketing Logistics Manager for Macmillan:

“In 2013 Macmillan launched a campaign calling for better support for carers, as the current system was failing. We were asking the government to ensure cancer carers are identified as such and signposted to support early, to stop them reaching crisis point.

We commissioned Fortemus to create a film that would galvanise viewers to email their MP to say that they support better rights for, and identification of, carers as part of the Care Bill being debated in parliament. The team worked closely with us to understand the difficulties carers often face and how their role often goes unrecognised, developing a creative approach which helped translate these issues to the final film. They also managed to create a positive and supporting environment in which to record the experiences of the real people directly affected by cancer used in the production.

We were very pleased with the results and this helped us achieve parliamentary agreement that statutory guidance would accompany the bill. We have just launched a further campaign, featuring a new edit of the film, to help carers identify themselves as such and access the support available from Macmillan.