Title: Mackrell International

Delivery: Promotional Film

Talent: Filming, direction, post-production

What was the brief?

Mackrell International, a global network for Law Firms got in touch with Spectrecom to help create an overview film to help demonstrate their global capabilities and be used as a Business Development tool to attract new clients.

How did we approach the brief?

Mackrell wanted to create a piece that was energetic, fast-paced and active but also contemporary. They wanted the film to be global and not targeted at one specific country or culture. We used various voxpop interviews and covered some of their regional conferences to truly get a strong understanding of the firm’s diversity and universal abilities.

They also wanted us to incorporate some of their archived footage into the film. As the films were out-dated and shot on a different camera, we decided to incorporate only the audio into the film, helping to create something fresh and unique within the Law industry.

Punchy text graphics and a quick-paced orchestra soundtrack were used to help create an upbeat tempo to the film, without moving away from the conventions of a Corporate Film.