London Youth Games – Meet the Hounslow Hawks


The Hounslow Hawks is a girls’ basketball club formed in the wake of the 2006 London Youth Games. Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength, with hundreds of girls playing for the team, including some who have gone on to represent England at international level.

This film needed to introduce the Hawks, revealing the history and character of the club in a way which tied in to the underlying narrative of how the London Youth Games fosters on-going sporting involvement amongst the youngsters who compete there.

We took a documentary approach to this story, with the film privileging the voices of those with the closest connection to the Hawks, such as head coach Stefan and current players Yusra and Kimran, to explain the passion which runs throughout the club.

Plexus graphics and stylised slo-mo on-court footage gives the film a very contemporary feel, reflecting the youthful makeup of the team, while the interview sound-bites captured by our crew offer excellent encapsulation of the Games’ #ProudToBeInspiring strapline.

The film was screened at a special London Youth Games event where, according to the Games’ Communications Manager Chris Broadbent, it “went down a storm!”