What was the brief?

The Government Equalities Office in partnership with Glasgows approached us to produce a film that celebrated the history of the LGBT experience across the UK. The purpose of this film was to recognise the progress that has been made since the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England in 1967, to acknowledge the areas that need further development and most of all to celebrate the impact and contribution the LGBT community has made to the UK over the past 50 years.

How did we approach the brief?

For this awareness campaign, we asked LGBT people from across the country to send us photos of themselves, to add to a “Wall of Memories”. This collage of images exhibits the breadth of individual stories that make up the LGBT experience and prompt discussion about the progress that has been made and that still needs to be made to further LGBT equality. We wanted to recognise the stories of the people who make up LGBT history in the UK, to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT voice and to discuss the ways in which we need to progress further.

We are also invited participants to come to our studio in Kennington to add their own photos to the “Wall of Memories” and to celebrate and acknowledge their contribution to the collage of the LGBT experience.

“Working on a project for LGBT equality was such a privilege and I enjoyed hearing so many stories and experiences throughout the production process. I contacted over 300 organisations, groups and individuals across the UK to invite them to the event, ask for a photo and get interviewees lined up. The response was overwhelmingly positive and I collected and displayed over 200 photos each with an incredible story attached.”

Kate Bromley

Senior Producer


We worked on the film production, scriptwriting and creative concepts that addressed each challenge. The final delivery included films for their YouTube channel and social media edits for Facebook and Twitter. Once the film was delivered, we provided guidance on optimisation, making sure that the title, description and tags were searchable on Youtube. We also included customised branded thumbnails.

About Our Clients

The Government Equalities Office leads work on policy relating to women, sexual orientation and transgender equality. Their priorities are to improve equality and reduce discrimination and disadvantage for all in the UK; improve people’s life chances at work, and in public and political life and being the lead department on gender, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) issues in government.

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