Kingston University London

Clearing 2017

Title: Clearing film

Delivery: Overview film and social media edits

Talent: Creative, scriptwriting, pre-production, production, direction, location-filming, casting, post-production

What was the brief?

Clearing is essentially higher education’s answer to the safety net, ready to catch university hopefuls who either didn’t get the grades they needed, couldn’t decide what university they wanted to go to, or spent a little too much time filling zombies’ brains with lead rather than filling their own with bounteous, bounteous knowledge.

Kingston University London came to us looking to produce a film that would inform prospective students about Clearing and all the options available to them, letting them know that they wouldn’t have to spend the rest of their life working 50-hour weeks on an oilrig off the coast of Sudan just because they didn’t get into uni right away.

The brief itself was pretty simple…

“Make it funny,” they said…

And, rubbing our hand together, make it funny we did.

How did we approach the brief?

Now obviously… if you want to get into university, not getting into university isn’t going to be much of a fun experience, it’s pretty much the emotional equivalent of stepping on a lego brick – not nice.

All in all, Clearing is a pretty scary process.

Our creative Ryan Goodge decided to flip this fear on its head by turning these common anxieties into something to laugh about, telling future students exactly what they’re NOT going to do, essentially showing solidarity with them and telling them “everything’s gonna be alright, bud” through the medium of film.

The script we wrote up followed the journey of a single student going through some of the usual processes and thought-patterns that are customary with Clearing, amped up to 11 for comedic effect of course. We then paired this with a fun, humorous voiceover to take us through the entire process.

Once we’d found an actor funny enough for the part, Producer Clemence Bartram popped on her director’s shoes and brought the project to life.


Account Manager: Kathy Bird
Director/Producer: Clemence Bartram
Creative: Ryan Goodge
Camera Operator: Alex Kerr
Gaffer: Jerzy Gudjonsson
VFX/Editor: Nic Durber

“Overall we felt this Clearing activity was the highlight and standalone top performer of all paid for activity during the campaign, it’s positive messaging, comical look and refreshing idea made for an engaging video, and quite clearly our audiences agreed.

Many thanks for you and the teams hard work and creative genius!

We had so much praise both internally and externally and we all had a great time watching the process of it go from an idea to an actual video! May I also say Clem has been such a pleasure to work with, she’s been absolutely accommodating and very responsive to all of our needs, including some last minute creative we’ve needed, so a huge thank you to her too.”

Jessica Richard

Kingston University

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