Title: Bright Tones Live Stream

Delivery: Live stream

Talent: Pre-production, studio hire, set-build, creative, filming, live-streaming, direction, post-production

What was the brief?

In order to promote Kenco’s new coffee brand, creative agency Proximity London required space for an 8 hour live-stream – incorporating a very talented bunch of musical improvisors.

A micro-site was constructed and the general public could get in touch and ask the group to perform a made-up song for them on the spot by using the hashtag #BrightenMyDay.

How did we approach the brief?

Utilizing our large studio 1 space we were able to construct a living room within it to house the band for a day. Over 8 hours we filmed the band singing 157 improvised songs.

After each song was sung we created mini-edits that were sent to the fans to watch back and share across YouTube and other social media sites.


The live-stream garnered a lot of attention online, especially on Twitter which played a big role in the campaign.