Title: Launch of Spring/Summer collection Delivery: Promotional film footage Talent: Pre-production, Set Build, Filmmakers  

What was the brief?

The talented team at Joseph Joseph got in touch with us once again to work together on another exciting project; this time it was the launch of a new bathroom range for their spring/summer collection. This included a revolutionary toilet,  brush to clever storage solutions for your bathroom accessories all of which are designed to be both beautifully stylish and practical products.

How did we approach the brief?

We pulled together a top team of talent who had worked with Joseph Joseph before. Again we were looking to create a series of bathroom videos to be filmed in a bathroom set with a hand model to demonstrate following the problem-solution format. We then delivered footage for Joseph Joseph to edit in-house. Our job was to provide a studio space with a white cyc, build a bathroom set, cast the talent that featured in the film, shooting planning, provide in-house DOP’s and filmmakers to shoot it,  a senior lighting technician and cameras, kit and lights for the production.


Custom Studio build, In-house Crew Studio space Cameras and Film Equipment Lighting


Account Manager: Henry Mitchell Producers: Amber Preston DOP/Camera Op: Alex Kerr Camera Assistant: Francesca Amoros Senior Lighting Technician: Chris Perry