Stella Artois – Connoisseur Jon Favreau


Created as part of the Stella Artois Connoisseur series, we interviewed actor-filmmaker Jon Favreau ahead of the London premiere of his new movie Chef. The Connoisseur series is all about talented individuals giving the viewer an insight into their craft, and this is exactly what we were asked to deliver by the client. At the same time, the shooting, editing and music needed to match up to the elegance of the other entries in the series.

Ahead of shooting, the film crew familiarised themselves with the Connoisseur series style guide, to ensure they knew exactly what content to capture on the day.

The interview material we recorded with Jon was enhanced in the edit thanks to the addition of stylish cutaways which alluded to his personal dedication to his craft, as well as paralleling that craft with Stella Artois’s own quest for perfection.