INSOL – A Tale of Two Businesses


For its ninth World Quadrennial Congress, staged in the Hague in May 2013, INSOL International commissioned Fortemus to deliver a 30-minute scripted film. Through its dramatised scenario, the film needed to make the conference audience engage with topics such as cross-border bankruptcies and the challenges facing directors of global businesses in choosing how and where to manage any impending process.

The film was co-written by Fortemus and Ken Baird, a leading lawyer specialising in corporate insolvency practice. The narrative charts the boardroom shenanigans of a fictitious FTSE100 company heading towards insolvency.

Our approach was to imbue the film with as much high stakes boardroom drama as possible, in order to entertain the conference audience but also to force them to consider their own response to the issues raised in plenary sessions that followed the screenings.

The client described the film as a “highlight of the conference” and a “game-changer for the Congress”. It sparked fierce debates about the issues, and many of the delegates (all leading legal authorities on corporate insolvency) requested copies of the film for training purposes in different jurisdictions around the world.