Title: Hodes Agency – CMS Law

Delivery: Corporate promotional film

Talent: Pre-production, production, studio filming, direction, post-production, motion graphics


What was the brief?

The talented team at Hodes got in touch with us to work together on a project for the global law firm, CMS Law.

CMS Law, whom take a lot of pride in being seen as a law firm for the modern day, wanted to create something unique and fresh that wasn’t the typical corporate film a typical law firm would produce.

How did we approach the brief?

We wanted to help create something that was short and concise but also visually appealing. The ‘snackable’ facts about the organisation would appear across rendered graphics, stock footage and footage created in our studios using water, paint and pipettes.

Unlike majority of corporate films, the B-roll footage of the offices were used sparingly and instead were used to add value to the piece instead of being the main focus.

By manipulating the stock footage and creating our own visually appealing effects in the studio, we were able to increase the engagement per shot and truly create something distinctive that still didn’t step outside of the conventions of a Law Firm.


Account Manager: Mark Kershaw
Producer: Kate Bromley
Director: Peter Ford
Camera Operator: James Adair
Lighting Technician: Laurentiu Maria
Editor: Richard C, Rob Gordon