Client: Halma

Delivery: Animated Explainer Video

What was the brief?

Halma approached us looking to produce two 90-second animations to open and close their internal, global event held earlier in the year. The animations would serve to promote the innovative potential of the company and to inspire senior leadership to continue to work together to develop life-changing technologies.

How did we approach the brief?

Halma was going through a rebranding and rethinking on their content and felt it was time to do something unique to the usual content they produced. Based on this, and the requirements of the Halma take a lot of pride in their innovation, that’s why we had to make sure that the animation breathed their values and forward thinking. Taking the inspiration of some of their life-saving tools, a singular dot was used to guide the viewer, connecting the various tools together to further demonstrate the capabilities and passion of the organisation. Our sound design team implemented a well-defined voiceover and an inspiration musical track to give a further lift to the piece and inspire those within the organisation to take action.


2 90-second animation film with 2D graphics, kinetic typography and voice-overs. The video was shown in a large event for more than 100 people.

About Halma

Halma comprises of nearly 50 subsidiary companies operating worldwide. Their technology centres on hazard detection, life protection, personal and public health improvement and environmental protection. Its markets are primarily the protection of human and capital assets, and the Group continues to grow through organic expansion and acquisition.


Account Manager: James Ridley
Director: Rob Jowers
Creative: Eavan Ryan
Producer: Andrea Ogunbadejo
Sound Design & Mix: Chris Sharland
Animator: Andriana Laskari