Title: Silent Snacks

Delivery: Online film

Talent: Creative, pre-production, production, graphics

What was the brief?

The brief for this project originated in the theatre. An environment that’s busy, full of people and awash with crunching, chewing and slurping. Enter Today Tix who, in response to this noisy issue, have created a series of silent snacks to replace the theatre staples. As part of a PR push they wanted to make a film about their new culinary creations, the anti-noise snacks.

How did we approach the brief?

The concept was created in collaboration with PR agency, Frank and helped introduce theatregoers to the new range of Silent Snacks.

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. With that in mind, the main goal of this social media video we produced for Today Tix was to grab people’s attention on mute.  With a little help from some slick graphics, bold titles on striking red slides and a smattering of dynamic transitions, the film is just as attention grabbing on mute.


The result was a film that garnered attention online and in national press and which succeeded in bringing to life the Silent Snacks for theatre lovers everywhere.


Account Manager: Max Gheysens
Creative Producer: Clemence Bartram
Creative: Danielle Wilmot
Director: Dan Jobson
Camera Op: Alex Kerr, Kieran Hodges
Camera Assistant: Dan Berens
Editor: Alex Kerr, Javier Santaella