Dogs Trust – Hot Cars Kill Dogs


With the warm summer months fast approaching, the Dogs Trust was already planning a new campaign alerting the public to the potentially fatal consequences of leaving dogs in parked cars, even for just a few minutes. To help bring this campaign to powerful life, the charity worked with Fortemus Films and agency See.Saw (formerly Beige London) to create a unique short film, highlighting the dangers.

Shooting here at Fortemus Studios, we filmed an ice sculpture of a dog melting, and time-lapsed the footage, resulting in a short, simple, yet surprisingly emotional nugget of video content.

It was a long day’s filming, with the frozen dog proving somewhat stubborn about melting itself down to size, even under the glare of the studio lights. But the experience and technical expertise of our crew was equal to all the challenges which arose, and the final results speak for themselves.

Since its release, the film has surpassed expectations, playing a pivotal role in what has become one of the Dogs Trust’s most successful ever campaigns. It has attracted coverage from over 100 media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Star and BuzzFeed, with 100% of that coverage featuring at least one key campaign message.

The film has attracted more than 50,000 views on YouTube and has reached over 265,000 Facebook users, generating 1,736 shares. It has also been retweeted 1,167 times on Twitter, including by 26 celebrities.

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