Cocoon Networks – This is Cocoon Networks

Cocoon Networks is an international start-up ecosystem dedicated to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and helping them grow. Set to be Europe’s largest startup incubator, the Network will be the first Chinese Venture Capital backed space of its kind.

Cocoon Networks approached us back in early September looking to make a brand film that would be released in line with President Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK in October 2015.

The film would be screened at an event that gave startups and entrepreneurs ideas on how to pitch to venture capital investors.

The film needed to highlight Cocoon’s USPs, most notably its strong connections with China, and mirror the vibrant, creative atmosphere that the network will accommodate.

Considering the network was still in its early stages, we needed to find a way to represent the business and make it appealing to startups and entrepreneurs but without showing the building itself.

While this was undoubtedly challenging, the atmosphere of the network, the approach to business and the brand identity that Cocoon wanted to portray really lent itself to a creative concept that was both vibrant and eye-catching.

Our approach was to use abstract imagery that would work to represent the USPs Cocoon wanted to portray but in a highly visual way.

We worked closely with the Cocoon team to collate the imagery and compiled an edit that told perfectly reflected the sentiment of the brand.

The film was screened at the ‘Let’s Conquer Investors’ event in November and had an audience of almost 150 people. It was extremely well received and is due to be re-screened at an upcoming event in December.

The Cocoon Networks team were really happy with the finished product and we look forward to a continued relationship with them going forward.