City, University of London

Law School Recruitment Film

Title: City, University of London. Law School Recruitment Film.

Delivery: Three minute course specific promotional film

Talent: Pre-production, production, direction, location filming, post-production, motion graphics


What was the brief?

City Law School were looking to promote their LLB (Hons) programme and chose us to create a film that displayed all that the university has to offer its law students.

The film would feature three current law students, each representing their year of the course, and showcase both their academic and social experiences as City students.

How did we approach the brief?

We really wanted to visually convey the personal progression that comes with each year of law study. Going through law school is a journey that is different for everyone and so personal testimonials would be key to this plan.

These testimonials would be interspersed with footage shot on-location at City showing the experiences the interviewees were describing.

Three dramatic walkways in the city building provided a captivating visual image, with the film pivoting around the three students stood on these. As we go through the years, the students are placed higher up – a visual metaphor for how a City Law degree would raise potential and aspirations.


The final product is a valuable student recruitment video, with inspiring real-life testimonials and an informative insight into how a City degree will improve confidence and career prospects.

In the short time since its release, the film has already amassed over 1,000 views on the City YouTube channel and features on the university website.


Account Manager: Kathy Bird
Creative: Toby Syer
Director: Chris Karageorgiou
Producer: Laura Merrett
Camera Operator: David Wyatt
Film Assistant: Rory Tilford

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