Title: What is the investment industry?

Delivery: Educational animation film

Talent: pre-production, creative, animation, motion graphics post-production


What was the brief?

The CISI (Chartered Institute for Services & Investment) is a global professional body for those working in the financial and investment industry.

With so much information already existing about investments, the CISI wanted to create a short animation film that could simplify the meaning, so that a wider audience could understand it.

How did we approach the brief?

With most of the creative and scripting already developed, we needed to develop a shot list/story board that suited the simplistic style the CISI were after.

To be able to give the film a feeling of variety, yet keep a consistent style to appeal to the target audience, we used a variety of coloured backdrops and also had multiple objects in each shot that would give an aseptically pleasing symmetrical image or be arranged into certain shapes for humour.

Each shot had little to none movement, which allowed the transitioning to be done through the edit and not distract the viewer from the voice over.