Casa Forma – One Hyde Park


With apartments costing up to hundreds of millions of pounds, One Hyde Park is just about as exclusive and as expensive as residential developments get. And of course, such rarefied bricks ‘n’ mortar requires equally rarefied interior design – which is where Casa Forma comes in.

A world-leading luxury design firm based in London, Casa Forma was called upon to design one of the apartments within One Hyde Park, and Fortemus was subsequently enlisted to film the results, in order to deliver a sumptuous record of Casa Forma’s design acumen in full flow.

The film combines smooth gliding Steadicam sequences and beautiful detail shots to highlight the superlative details that identify Casa Forma’s One Hyde Park design scheme as such a stunning combination of artistic skill and the finest materials.

The camerawork is sleek but unobtrusive, allowing the viewer to feel as if they have been granted a personal tour of this magnificent residence, while the warm, gentle voiceover singles out the truly special touches such as the en-suite sauna and sycamore panelling.