Anglian Water – Keep Your Pipes Cosy This Winter


Anglian Water requested an brand introductory video for its winter information campaign, urging customers to keep their house pipes protected in freezing conditions. The client was looking for something tonally light, that would draw an emotional response from the audience, and would prompt them to seek out further information.

Anglian Water’s own customer polls had shown women aged 25 to 45 were most responsive to their prior campaigns, meaning we wanted to create a video with appeal for that particular audience.

With this in mind, we created a cute, cosy demonstration of just how sad pipes can get if neglected over winter. Using charming character animation, each pipe was given its own personality, making up their own little family.

The film drew great feedback from the client: “I’m really pleased with this project, from the initial concepts to final delivery. The end product fulfilled our original brief perfectly.”