The AA

360 Hazard Perception
Title: 360 Hazard Perception

Delivery: 10 films

Talent: Pre-production, production, 360 degree filming, visual effects, post-production

What was the brief?

The AA approached us to produce a series of 360-degree films from a driver’s perspective. These would be used as a fully immersive hazard perception training experience for learner drivers.

How did we approach the brief?

It was important to us to create an experience that was as realistic as possible.

We wanted the interior of the car and the exterior landscape to be equally exposed, to avoid the inside being too dark and the outside looking blown-out. So we decided to shoot a test and set about filming a background plate from a bonnet-mounted 360 camera rig, which gave us the front and side views for the final video.

We then took a separate 360-degree shot of the car interior and cut out the windows so we could place the image on top of the background plate and create the appearance of a real car travelling through real hazards.

Another reason we decided to shoot the interior and exterior separately is due to the fact that with many 360 rigs if you stitch your material together so the foreground looks right the background will look unnatural – and vice-versa. So we decided to concentrate our stitching efforts on the car interior and then separately stitch the background road scenes.

As a special little finishing touch, we animated the steering wheel of the car so that it matched the direction driven in the film and added to the realism of the overall experience.

Although the viewer can’t see a virtual body in the driving seat when they look down, we felt the result was more believable than other 360 footage from inside cars – where drivers had worn helmet-mounted rigs that showed their arms and legs. These resulted in the bottom of the shot looking like a headless person was driving!


We delivered 10 different hazard perception films to The AA. They are currently being trialed on various platforms, with the release date coming soon.

Learner drivers who want to practice their hazard perception will be able to wear Virtual Reality goggles and truly immerse themselves into the experience.


Account Manager: Mike Murray
Producer: Rob Jowers
Director: David Wyatt
Film Assist: Dan Berens
Editor: David Wyatt