Dagmar Scheibenreif

Fashion | Beauty | Brands

Dagmar is a Director, DOP and HSE Underwater Camera Operator, who focuses on creative, narrative, beauty and promotional content.

Having started her career as a stills photographer in Vienna, she moved to London in 2000 to work in moving image. After completing a BA in Digital Screen Arts, Dagmar worked as a Director and Editor for an advertising company and quickly progressed to direct a wide variety of projects. She went on to study ‘Directing Commercials’ at the NFTS to further develop her craft and delve deeper into the world of commercials and narrative.

Dagmar has an unwavering attention to detail and has learned to expertly analyse and extract what a client wants to portray in their video. Her ability to think both conceptually and strategically and her years of industry experience help to consistently drive results and give brands the type of exposure they are looking for.