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Winter Olympics 2022: Which Ads Won Gold?

February 7th, 2022 

To celebrate the opening ceremony on the 4th of February, we’ve selected four brilliant adverts for the 2022 Winter Olympics, explaining why they’ve won gold…

1. BBC – Winter Olympics 2022 – Trailer

Here, snapshot freeze frames sculpt an intense experience. Literally. Olympic figurines perform and transform, taking you down pistes, tracks and half-pipes. It’s extreme. 

All the while, flashing cameras contrast with blacked-out audiences to create a cinematic feel. It’s gripping, just like the games.

2. New China TV – See You in Beijing 2022

The official advert paints a poetic picture, cutting between Olympians and carefully crafted calligraphy. Like the Winter Olympics, it’s beautifully intense. 

The audio mounts pressure, with slow heartbeats bursting into pumping drums. The message? Follow your role models, but appreciate the mountainous pressure they must overcome.

3. NBC – Winter Olympics 2022 – Trailer

NBC’s advert layers punchy, inspirational text over athletic visuals, creating a breathtaking spectacle. The soundtrack then ramps up while the frames slow down – building suspense. The climax? Pure joy. It typifies the Winter Olympic journey.

4. Official Olympics – Every Rise, Every Fall, Every Victory

official winter olympics promo film

Commuters, labourers and school kids unite to perform eye-catching stunts, mimicking Winter Olympic tricks, feats and falls. Sub-bass tones then slowly rise with the fallen athletes and spectators, enforcing the positive Olympic attitude. We just love it.

Judging by these brilliant ads, the Winter Olympics 2022 should be truly unforgettable. We can’t wait. Can you?

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