5 Ways To Engage Through Video Content Without Being a Bore

January 17th, 2022

Attention spans shorter than ever, meaning online users are getting bored of bland, salesy videos that miss the mark. In other words, it’s difficult to keep viewers hooked. But don’t worry – we can help you avoid this pitfall.

With over one hundred million plays on our videos annually, here at Fortemus Films, we know exactly what makes online viewers hit that share button. So, we’ve put together five killer tips for creating videos that engage with your audience in all the right ways:

1) Empathise with your audience’s challenges

On average, 33% of viewers lose interest and stop watching a video after 30 seconds. To keep viewers interested, we find it helps to address their current challenges – and quickly. For example, your fans could be tired of watching games without that special someone, or simply missing the magic of live sport. Whatever it is, their hurdles should take priority.

2) Focus on the relationship with your product

Don’t just promote your brand – focus on the joyful, emotional experiences that your product creates for your audience. Want some inspo? Our Fanthem ad demonstrates our understanding of the relationship between football clubs and their fans.

Frank Lampard

3) Create a need and offer a solution. Don’t sell.

Let your overall message do the talking, rather than the product itself. Be careful, though – we feel it’s best to focus on what your audience wants, rather than what you want to say.

4) Use familiar faces

Fans and customers are committed to the people they follow. If you include famous figures that your audience admires, you’re likely to end up with an exciting, engaging video campaign. Fans are also likely to engage with content featuring other fans they identify with.

Neymar Jr - PSG

5) Converse, don’t teach

Just as with tip #1, try talking with your audience on their level, and express their concerns – or desires – in a clear, concise manner. When it comes to video marketing, empathy usually creates engagement.

Overall, we believe that video marketing is most effective when it addresses the challenges facing your audience. Take care of what your audience needs, and you should get the video campaign results you want.

sean matica photo

Sean Matica

As client partner at Fortemus Films, we provide FIFA & UEFA approved media that wins awards, increases audience engagement and delivers results.

I strongly believe in the benefits of creating exciting engaging experiences that help your target audience bond with your brand.